About Us

Minnie Market is a jewellery and homewares business based in Melbourne, Australia.

It is a dream come true to create a welcoming online space to showcase creative, fun products for home, body and mind.

Our collection of homewares is curated to help you create the perfect space. Your own special sanctuary. Now, more than ever, our homes are such an important place where a lot of us are spending more time. It is time to fill them with items that spark joy and create rituals of self-care.

Our playful, stylish jewellery is designed to help you feel great wearing it. Our jewellery and accessories collection is centered on offering you versatile jewellery to adorn your everyday. The occasion is this very moment. We don’t need to wait for an event. Cherish the present moment with the grounding practice of personal adornment.

A mother of two children living beachside runs Minnie Market. Her background as a designer and buyer of fashion, jewellery and homewares have allowed her to create beautiful collections of products and create creative communities. Join us. 

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